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Product Description:

Zymo-Phos helps degrade anti-nutritional factors in diet, reduces viscosity, improves feed energy supply, improves digestibility of nutrients, improves livestock growth performance, and reduces feed cost. Zymo-Phos helps degrade and break down the indigestible phytic acid (phytate) portion in grains and oil seeds, thereby releasing digestible phosphorus and calcium for animals. The technology behind AmphiZym-P makes the phytase granules in the product 10 times more heat-stable than all powder enzymes. This special coating technology allows Zymo-Phos to withstand the pelleting heat 10 times more than powder enzymes, which makes the effectiveness of the dose guaranteed to get better results due to excellent heat stability.
Phytase 5,000,000 FTU.


Product Description:

Zymoplex helps degrade anti-nutritional factors in diet, reduces viscosity, improves feed energy supply, improves digestibility of nutrient, improves livestock growth performance, and reduces feed cost. Zymoplex helps degrade β-mannan, improve insulin secretion, improve glucose absorption and carbohydrate metabolism, improve energy utilization rate, improve the growth of insulin like growth factors (IGF-I), improve animal growth, and degrade stachyose, raffinose, and soy oligosaccharides, thus preventing flatulence. Zymoplex helps degrade crude fiber in miscellaneous meal and grain, and eliminates its nutrient barrier effect, decomposes water-soluble NSP, reduces viscosity, improves nutrient absorption rate, improves additional amounts of by-product in corn processing, cottonseed meal, rape seed meal and other unconventional materials in feed, and reduces feed cost. Zymoplex helps improve intestinal microbial components, improves the digestive function of young and old-age animals, reduces the effects from stress reactions, maintains animal health, and improves animal growth performance. Zymoplex helps reduce the effects of anti-nutritional factors, reduces quality instability resulting from feedstuff variation, ensures stable product quality, reduce complaint, and ensures stability of premix and concentrated feed performance.
Xylinase, Cellulase, Beta-Glucanase, Pectinase, Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Phytase, Galatosidases and Mannanase.

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